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 Operational CRM software created for nonprofits and community coalitions.

☑ Optimize community connectivity to resources & help

☑ Mass text message outreach to thousands in moments

☑ Track & generate performance data to assist with grant writing

☑ Centralize HIPAA compliant hub for all your activities 

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Community Relationship Management tools for Nonprofits & Communities

Case Management Software

HelpOpX keeps an ongoing file on community members and volunteers regarding surveys, programs, referrals, and service notes.

Mass Text SMS Outreach

Easily send bulk messages to thousands of your contacts with ease with HelpOpX. Send mobile text messages for surveying, fundraising, announcements, and more.

• Send mass alerts
• Text reminders
• Broadcast urgent texts
• Promote services

Digitize Documents & Submissions

HelpOpX allows users to onboard existing data instantly. Upload data from excel, google forms, and csv files. Create and distribute your own surveys.

Data Tracking &

View our live dashboard to see how your programs are performing - all within HelpOpX. Auto generate shareable documents your organization's impact including:

• Zip codes
• Program data
• Activity datat
• Promote services

Seamless Resource Referals

Using HelpOpX, refer community members to resources within your organization or to another organization. Track the status and update notes as need.

Staff & Membership Management

The HelpOpX tool lets you establish an employee, volunteer, and member database. See which volunteers and members are involved with which program you offer in seconds.

HIPAA Compliance software to help you establish relationships with your local community , clinics, and neighboring organizations.

Help OpX Screens

Community Organizations

Our operational CRM management software is designed to help community-based organizations plan and manage programs, measure their impact, and effectively collaborate with government, healthcare stakeholders, and other support-driven organizations.


Data tracking & Management

Community Improvements With Technology

Live dashboard displaying programs & services that your organization host within your community. Filter & export your impact data by PDF and excel within seconds allowing you to have a breakdown of your data available by dates, zip codes, and programs – generating your one-pager instantly.

Social Determinants of Health

Understanding The Patient's Journey

This video explains the patient journey and typical problems that regularly affect underserved populations.

Supporting organizations that focus on contributing to these pillars of Social Determinants of Health:  
    Economic Stability
    Social & Community Context
    Neighborhood & Environment
    Health Care

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